About Our Instructors

Ian Macintyre, instructor at Black Boar Swordsmanship School

Ian Macintyre

Ian Macintyre is the lead instructor for the Black Boar Swordsmanship School.

He has been studying swordsmanship regularly since 1998 with the Dawn Duellists Society in Edinburgh, Scotland's oldest historical fencing club, and was for several years the DDS President. Over the years he has been privileged to be taught by a number of excellent teachers and swordsmen, including Guy Windsor now chief instructor of the School of Historical Swordsmanship, and his good friends and colleague in the DDS, Gareth Hunt.

Ian become an instructor within the Dawn Duellists in 2003, and has been teaching regularly ever since. In 2007 he was approved as a Certified Instructor by the British Federation for Historical Swordplay.

Over the years Ian has attended a large number of national and international events on Historical Swordsmanship. These are a great opportunity to meet other swordsmen and see and learn from some of the best practitioners out there. I has also for many years given workshops at a number of them including the BFHS Annual Meeting, the Symposium on the Western Arts of Swordsmanship Through History, the Smallsword Symposium and the Annual HEMAC Dijon event.

Ian's areas of interest in swordsmanship are pretty varied. Having trained in a number of Western sword styles but his chief passion has always been military sabre. Over time he  added walking stick defence and most recently courtsword to his areas of study and instruction and it is these weapons that Ian teaches at the Black Boar.

Phil Crawley

Phil Crawley

Phil Crawley is currently Provost within Black Boar and is in the final stages of qualifying as an Instructor in the School.

Phil has focused on studying the western martial arts since 1997. In that time he has studied backsword with the Macdonald Academy of Arms, rapier with the Sussex Rapier School and qualified as an Instructor and Full Member of the Dawn Duellists Society.

He discovered a passion for the French school of fencing theory and practice and developed his specialties in smallsword,sabre and antagonistics, which he now teaches at the Black Boar School of Swordsmanship and promotes through the Smallsword Symposium, an international gathering of smallsword enthusiasts.

Phil has travelled to France, Italy and the USA to study at international events, and has also taught at several BFHS nationalevents in the UK, with whom he is an IL1 Instructor and Assessor. He is also a Comtech Bowie Knife Instructor.

Phil has published a number of translations of French Fencing manuals which can be found at http://www.lulu.com/spotlight/PhilCrawley


We also have two Provosts, in the School.  Dave Banks and Jenny Garside. They are the leading members of our Cheshire chapter.

Dave, Jenny and Ian

The School's Instructing style

Our views on instructing are that it is our job to help the student become better and if possible as good as they can be. This may mean somebody capable of entering and winning national events or simply able to pick up and handle a sword and hold their own in freeplay with fellow students. We are firm believers in enabling students to take on a responsibility for their own improvement and study, and providing all the encouragement needed for them to do so. In the long term we expect senior students to begin their own study of sword arts and  look forward to the day when we can learn from the schools students.

Most of our classes are based upon the founding principals of Historical Swordsmanship and a firm belief in drill to hone technique.  We don't believe in shortcuts or a concentrating on impressive flash moves, rather we think that building slowly but surely on good principals creates the best swordsmen and women in the long term.

Ultimately we teach swordplay because we get a lot of joy from it and want to spread the word, and help people take up this fantastic martial art.

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